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Hi! I'm Sophia Lebowitz, a documentary filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn, New York. I'm currently a freelance Associate Producer on various documentary projects. I'm also developing a documentary about the first queer/trans-centered salsa band in New York City, Las Mariquitas. 


Through my work as a filmmaker and journalist I explore Latin American culture and history, stories of belonging, and the ways in which American culture affects those on the margins of society. Drawing on my background in ballet, I approach filmmaking in a visual and artistic way, infusing my cinematography with movement to tell stories that engage both the mind and the senses.


My work is driven by a desire to challenge long-held historical narratives and offer new perspectives on familiar subjects. For me, the process of filmmaking is not just about telling my version of a story, but about working with others to explore different perspectives and find new ways of seeing the world. By engaging with my participants and involving them in the creative process, I strive to create films that are authentic, nuanced, and deeply human: challenging ideas of objectivity and truth.

Contact Sophia 

Phone: (914) 815 4300


Instagram: @sophlebo_

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